Welcome to Minnows Swim School, we have been located at Plummers Point since 2003. Our pool is situated on the picturesque Omokoroa harbour approximately 15 minutes drive north of Tauranga City.

We are a small and friendly swim school, our chief aim to promote the safety of your children in water by teaching swimming and water safety from an early age. Our water based teachers pride themselves on their commitment and patience towards your child’s aquatic progress. Our teacher turnover is very low, ensuring that your child and our teachers have the opportunity to build a relationship based on trust and understanding; all teachers are qualified and experienced swimming teachers.

At the end of each term your child will receive a personalized certificate that is specific to their swimming achievements, and with goals to aim for higher and higher results.

The Minnows pool was purposely built to maximize the comfort of infants, beginner swimmers and more advanced swimmers. As the water is thermally heated the temperature is perfect all year round. Our innovative building ensures that weather is not a concern and lessons can continue year round. The exclusive use of the pool ensures that your children have no noisy distractions during lessons.

Did you know?

...that the Butterfly stroke was introduced as a separate stroke in 1952 because a loophole in the Breaststroke rules allowed the butterfly to be used, thus threatening the extinction of the classical breaststroke action?

...that kangaroos can really swim very well

...that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do for your body

...that if a baby is placed in water - either during a water birth or in a swimming pool - his throat will close so that he does not swallow the water. This means that baby will not drown if born in water, and he will also be a natural swimmer. This reflex will last for about 2 months, or longer if you take him swimming.